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On every change in a dynamic project, the djig runtime downloads the new version of the code, builds it, and, as the result of the build, the .class files appear, and their dependencies are discovered.

The dependencies are .jar files. By default, Maven downloads them to ~/.m2/repository/ and Gradle downloads them to ~/.gradle/caches/modules-2/files-2.1/.

Those .class and .jar files are used to create a new instance of DynamicClassLoader. This is the ClassLoader that will load all classes for the dynamic project. It's a child ClassLoader of the main ClassLoader of the application.

A DynamicClassLoader can be asked to load these three categories of classes:

  1. A class from a .class file of the build
  2. A class from a compile only dependency .jar of the build
  3. A class from another dependency .jar of the build

Loading of the classes from compile only dependencies is delegated to the parent ClassLoader.

The classes from .class files and ordinary .jar files DynamicClassLoader loads by itself.

There's also a rule a developer should follow, that only the API JAR and its dependencies should be made compile only. So, if everything is correct, then DynamicClassLoader will delegate to the main ClassLoader only classes from API JAR and its dependencies.