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On every change in a dynamic project with the new DynamicClassLoader a new DynamicApplicationContext is created.

DynamicApplicationContext is the context containing all dynamic beans of the dynamic project, and it uses DynamicClassLoader for class loading.

While loading beans DynamicApplicationContext takes into account class level annotations from the org.springframework.stereotype package, like @Component, @Service, etc., automatically adding beans into itself.

DynamicApplicationContext is a child context of the main context of the application. Because of that dynamic beans can be injected with beans from the main part of the application if there are corresponding interfaces in the API JAR or its dependencies.

Also, a dynamic bean can depend on another dynamic bean, if its interface is in the compile classpath of the dynamic project. I.e. if the interface is either in the API JAR, in the dependencies of the API JAR or is defined in the dynamic project itself.